IntelliMagic will be at SHARE Sacramento, March 11 – 16, hosting a Lunch & Learn and presenting four performance and capacity sessions you won’t want to miss! Join us at booth #205 to see the latest in intelligent analytics for performance and capacity planners.

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IntelliMagic is proud to be a Gold Premier Partner at SHARE Sacramento, the best place to learn about the latest enterprise IT topics, with more than 500 educational sessions focused on IBM Z®, DevOps, Blockchain, Docker and the latest security hardware. You will not want to miss the opportunity to connect with industry experts, network with peers and evaluate the latest products and services.

View our session details below:

Day ID Session Title Start Time Room Speakers
Mon 22671 Lunch & Learn: Availability Intelligence for your z/OS Application Infrastructure using Artificial Intelligence 12:30pm SCC-304/305 Brent Phillips, Todd Havekost
Tue 21829 DevOps Agile z/OS Application Infrastructure Performance Testing 10:00am Big Sur A/B Brent Phillips
Tue 22662 Machines are for Answers, Humans are for Questions 1:45pm SCC-312 Dr. Gilbert Houtekamer
Tue 21832 More Performance and Capacity Predictability Out of RMF and SMF 3:15pm SCC-312 Brent Phillips
Thu 21820 Optimizing Processor Cache on z13 & z14 Processors 4:30pm SCC-315 Todd Havekost

Add more intelligence to your IT operations by visiting our booth # 205, attending our sessions, or joining us for our Lunch & Learn!

Click here to download our sessions or watch recorded versions of the presentations.

See you at SHARE Sacramento!

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