This year’s SHARE summer conference took place in New Orleans, Louisiana from August 13th to August 18th. IntelliMagic was a Signature Sponsor of the conference and presented three sessions on deriving actionable intelligence from SMF data and participated in a “shootout” panel event sponsored by Broadcom. View our recap of the event below as well as more information regarding our sessions.


Observability and Visibility in Real Life

Presenters: Brent Phillips and Todd Havekost

There is a growing awareness across the industry of the value of having excellent Observability and Visibility into the operation of your mainframe environment. But how does that translate into actual, delivered capabilities? And how can that help you rapidly identify and resolve the types of challenges you commonly encounter?

In this session, Todd and Brent walked through multiple real-life situations highlighting important considerations including early identification, rapid problem isolation, and integrated analysis across infrastructure areas.

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Mainframe Performance Observability Shootout

Presenters from BMC, Broadcom, EPS, IBM, IntelliMagic, and Rocket Software

Moderator: Frank Kyne

During this session, leaders from BMC, Broadcom, EPS, IBM, IntelliMagic and Rocket Software demo’d how they have raised the level of observability into the mainframe!

Afterwards, the presenters participated in a panel sharing their point of view on observability and answering the audiences’ questions.


The Best Kept Secret in IT

Presenter: John Baker

By now even those just embarking on a future in IT recognize the untapped value of a career in mainframes.

Young professionals want a skill set that not only provides a rewarding, technical challenge but is equally valuable to executives for its ability to control costs. Outside of work, what if the same skills can save time, money and provide pure fun?

John presented this fun and educational session discussing the best kept secret in IT with some valuable tips for both IT and life.


z16 Concepts and Real-World Experiences

Presenter: Todd Havekost and John Baker

With its introduction of virtual cache at levels 2, 3, and 4, the z16 represents the most significant change to the z processor architecture since the z13. The magnitude of these changes has understandably generated a great deal of curiosity into how this virtual cache approach operates conceptually and how it is actually performing at customer sites.

The speakers in this session tackled both of those topics:

  • John highlighted all of the key z16 advances with particular focus on the new cache architecture, explaining the concepts so you can optimize your configuration.
  • Todd presented findings from numerous customer upgrades quantifying the extent to which z16s are delivering on their rated capacity.

Upcoming Webinar: Unraveling the z16: Understanding the Virtual Cache Architecture and Real-World Performance



SHARE® is an independent volunteer-run information technology association that provides education, professional networking and industry influence for the enterprise IT community. Since 1955, SHARE has produced events that deliver unmatched education and access to the global enterprise computing community.

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