This year’s SHARE winter conference took place in Atlanta, Georgia from March 5th to March 8th. IntelliMagic was a Signature Sponsor of the conference and presented two sessions on deriving actionable intelligence from SMF data and participated in a “shootout” panel event sponsored by Broadcom. View our recap of the event below as well as more information regarding our sessions.


Deriving Insights From New XCF Path Usage Metrics

Presenters: Frank Kyne and Todd Havekost

XCF Transport Class Simplification functionality was implemented in z/OS 2.4, with an objective to eliminate the need for manually managed transport classes at most sites. This new functionality has been generally well-received and been effective in accomplishing its objective of minimizing the XCF customization activity required by systems programmers.

However, to get the most value from this new capability, installations should ensure that their XCF signaling resources are consistent with XCF’s new approach. Some site-dependent configuration activities still remain, including determining appropriate MAXMSG specifications for buffers and the appropriate number of signaling paths. To assist with this analysis, z/OS 2.4 introduced XCF path usage metrics in the RMF 74.2 records.

During their session, Frank and Todd provided attendees with a better understanding of how XCF operates in general, tips about how to optimize their environment for the new paradigm, and information about what can be learned from the new Path Usage metrics.

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Mainframe Performance: An Observability Shootout (Panel Session)

Participants: Chris Walker, James Porell, John Baker, Paul Spicer, Aaron Young, Nicole Fagen 

Moderator: Frank Kyne

During this session, leaders from Broadcom, IBM, Rocket, IntelliMagic, and BMC showed how they have raised the level of observability into the mainframe!

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Collaborate and Solve Problems Faster with Unified SMF Analysis

Presenters: Brent Phillips and Todd Havekost

SMF data has the potential to provide great insights into the operation of components across the z/OS platform, but infrastructure teams face many challenges seeking to maximize the value they derive from that data so that they can deliver high levels of availability and performance.

One key challenge is reporting software that is unique to each technology and challenging to learn. As a result, only the technical experts in each area are proficient in using their siloed tooling and interpreting their data. This creates significant barriers to collaboration and cross-team problem solving and learning.

This session explored how SMF data analysis becomes far more effective when analysts have shared integrated visibility into many types of SMF data produced by components across the z/OS platform. This session helped expand attendee awareness of ways analysis can benefit from combining insights across z/OS data types.

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SHARE® is an independent volunteer-run information technology association that provides education, professional networking and industry influence for the enterprise IT community. Since 1955, SHARE has produced events that deliver unmatched education and access to the global enterprise computing community.

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