Feb 08, 2018

IntelliMagic, innovator in intelligent IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) software, announced the release of IntelliMagic Vision for SAN 8.14.1 which provides end-to-end visibility from hosts to their target volumes for any host.

Last year IntelliMagic released the topology viewer, which collects performance and configuration information on the VMware guests, SAN fabric and storage systems to provide a complete end-to-end picture. In this release IntelliMagic expanded this feature with visualization of the end-to-end connectivity to include any AIX, AS400, Solaris, Windows and stand-alone Linux hosts. IntelliMagic has also expanded coverage to include end-to-end views from any host to any NetApp c-mode block storage devices.

“After we delivered our end-to-end topology viewer for VMware environments, our customers and prospects asked about all their other platforms. I’m excited to announce that in this release we now provide end-to-end visibility regardless of their host platforms,” says Brett Allison, Director of Technical Services, Americas. “IntelliMagic’s topology visualization relies on extensive configuration information including SAN fabric zone information, HBA initiator and storage target port information as well as storage masking information in order to facilitate the visualization of the end-to-end connectivity.”

“As a bonus, we also added support for NetApp c-mode block storage devices,” Brett Allison adds. “I’m really excited about the visibility and control that we are giving our customers into their infrastructure with this latest release.”

In addition to the expansion of the end-to-end pathing visualizations, this release contains important breakdowns by volume capacity by tier for all IBM Storwise Virtualization solutions.

To learn more about IntelliMagic VMware support, please visit www.intellimagic.com/vmware. For more information about the Topology Viewer, please visit: www.intellimagic.com/topology.

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