Oct 12, 2017

IntelliMagic, innovator in intelligent IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) software, announced its new VMware Topology Viewer which provides end-to-end storage infrastructure analytics for Virtual Machines with IntelliMagic Vision 8.12. This release advances the ability of VMware administrators to efficiently maintain continuous availability and identify risks such as hardware or configuration issues within their environment.

IntelliMagic Vision is an ITOA performance and capacity management solution that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) techniques to expose the inner workings of the storage infrastructure to prevent performance incidents that may impact application availability. In this new release, besides other enhancements, IntelliMagic added end-to-end support for VMware and Fabric Topology.

IntelliMagic Vision’s Topology Viewer can visualize the paths from a VMware Virtual Machine to the back-end storage volumes. This reveals the connectivity of a Virtual Machine to the storage LUN in a visual representation that makes it easy to assess any pathing issues caused by zoning misconfiguration or hardware failures.

“IntelliMagic Vision Automatic Correlation allows users to visualize all of the components from the VMware host through the fabric to the storage volume,” says Brett Allison, Director of Technical Services, Americas. “This technology allows users to identify all of the paths, and any other ESX hosts and VMware guests that share those paths. This is crucial in identifying the root cause of pathing issues in virtualized environments.”

The Topology Viewer allows users to check for zoning and masking errors, SAN port failures, storage port failures as well as to quickly find the main components in the path from Virtual Machine to LUN.

IntelliMagic hosted a webinar that shows how the new release enhances the user experience through user interface improvements and end-to-end storage infrastructure analytics provided through the Topology Viewer. The recording can be viewed here: “End-to-End Storage Infrastructure Analytics with Topology Viewer”.

To learn more about IntelliMagic VMware support or the Topology Viewer, please visit www.intellimagic.com/vmware.

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