One of the challenges our customers tell us they face with their legacy SMF reporting is keeping up with emerging technologies. zEDC hardware compression is one of those emerging technologies that is rapidly gaining traction with many of our customers. This video highlights the excellent visibility IntelliMagic Vision provides into zEDC processing to allow you to ensure sufficient capacity and consistent performance.

Reports demonstrated include:

  • Utilization for all Hardware Accelerators
  • Hardware Accelerator Service Time
  • Compression Ratio for Compress Requests
  • Jobs that use compression
  • Compress input/output
  • Decompress Requests
  • PCI Hardware Accelerator Health Dashboards



Translating Application Performance Data into Business Outcomes on z/OS | IntelliMagic zAcademy

In this webinar, we explore practical steps for identifying and prioritizing your business-critical applications, and how to protect and report on their performance.

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IntelliMagic Vision Adds SMF Field Name Mapping to Live Report Editor

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IntelliMagic Vision Version 12.0 Enhances Collaboration and Training with New Shareable Dashboard Templates

February 6, 2023 | By introducing shareable Dashboard Templates, a platform is created for exchanging technical knowledge on the various z/OS components within the IntelliMagic Vision expert user community.

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