Discover how to transform unpredictable outages into predictable ones by creating Availability Intelligence out of the RMF and SMF data using artificial intelligence techniques.

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How can your mainframe IT operations benefit from smarter analytics?

Of all the systems in your data center, z/OS produces the most detailed performance and configuration data in the form of RMF and SMF.

But most sites still use a four decades old process that generates hundreds of static reports requiring cumbersome manual interpretation by deep experts.

Consequently, the data is NOT used to predict and prevent upcoming performance problems, resolve incidents as they occur, or to spot ways to reduce peaks and costs.

So modernize your approach to RMF and SMF and realize its full value!

IntelliMagic applies artificial intelligence techniques to deliver the best actionable insights for performance, availability, and software cost reduction.

Experience the power of evolving the questions you can make your data answer beyond just “what went wrong?” to “what is going wrong right now?” and even “what is about to go wrong, and how can I prevent this?

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