IntelliMagic Vision for SAN Storage and Fabric

IntelliMagic Vision for SAN Storage and Fabric

Intelligent SAN Performance Management

IntelliMagic Vision analyzes the performance health of all your SAN components on a daily basis and translates the outcome into intuitive dashboards and rated charts. It automatically identifies issues in the making before they can impact production. By revealing risks and hidden bottlenecks, IntelliMagic Vision reduces availability incidents and prevents performance degradation.

View the video below to see how IntelliMagic Vision for SAN can provide a single view for your entire SAN infrastructure.


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Black Box

Often the SAN is seen as a 'black box', but IntelliMagic Vision makes it possible to look inside. Internal bottlenecks and imbalances are simply not visible just by looking at straight-forward measurement data, or with host-based metrics. IntelliMagic Vision contains models of the internals of enterprise and midrange SAN storage systems and SAN switches. This is used to intelligently analyze which measurements indicate hidden issues that are otherwise impossible to see.

Early Warning

IntelliMagic Vision knows whether a certain value indicates a problem and rates the metrics accordingly. These ratings are summarized in a color-coded dashboard that shows risks and issues as red and yellow warnings. Also, hidden imbalances or mistakes in the configuration, such as ports that are not connected, are immediately obvious. By detecting these risks before they turn into availability incidents, time can be spent on strategic infrastructure management instead of on fighting fires.

Root Cause Analysis

When issues with SAN performance do occur, IntelliMagic Vision makes it easy to find the root cause without having to depend on the storage or switch vendor. By using the drill-down options on the charts that show an issue, you can resolve problems quickly and independently.

End to End Visibility

IntelliMagic Vision collects performance and configuration information on the VMware, fabric and storage systems to provide a complete end-to-end picture. This includes a visualization of the infrastructure topology which is integrated with the reports and charts.


IntelliMagic Vision is available for Enterprise and midrange disk arrays attached to any type of servers in a SAN environment, and for NetApp, VMware and SAN switches. IntelliMagic Vision is also available for z/OS.

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