SAN Products Overview

For SAN storage environments attached to hosts such as Windows, VMWare, Unix, Linux and i/OS, IntelliMagic offers two products for managing and modeling the storage arrays and Fibre switches: IntelliMagic Vision to assess performance and availability risks in the SAN, and IntelliMagic Direction for storage system modeling and predictions.

IntelliMagic Vision

IntelliMagic Vision detects risks in the SAN created by performance and configuration issues that may change from day to day. With this easy way to quantify and track this type of risk, your availability status is as safe as it could be and you will fight less real-time fires than ever.

The focus of IntelliMagic Vision is to show risks and issues so that you can address the underlying root causes before disruptions actually occur. This is easier and cheaper than dealing with a problem after it has impacted applications and servers. At the same time, IntelliMagic Vision also greatly reduces the time required to resolve any problems that could not be predicted.

IntelliMagic collects performance and configuration metrics directly from SAN storage arrays, Fibre switches and virtualization engines such as IBM Spectrum Virtualize (SVC). It assesses the health of the SAN environment by rating performance and throughput metrics and by highlighting configuration errors and imbalances. When risks or issues are detected, they show up as alerts in the IntelliMagic Vision dashboard, and the product can be set up to send e-mails when issues are detected.

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IntelliMagic Direction

IntelliMagic Direction is a unique disk storage system performance modeling product that models the effects of storage hardware or workload changes. This enables organizations to reduce time, money, and risk associated with storage system purchases and performance planning.

IntelliMagic Direction provides in-depth knowledge of how your specific workloads will perform as a result of growth and/or hardware configuration scenarios. IntelliMagic Direction shows current and expected response times, component utilization levels, and throughput limits for your storage environment.