Benefits of Easy Visibility into MQ Statistics and Accounting Data

MQ Statistics and Accounting SMF data provides extremely useful insights into MQ management and operation. Unfortunately, extracting those insights from the SMF 115 and SMF 116 record types is challenging – and raw data pulls lack context or accessibility.

With IntelliMagic Vision, you will be able to:

  • Proactively identify risks to MQ availability and performance
  • Get insights into the many types of metrics provided in the MQ Statistics data, including requests by MQ command, buffer utilization and write thresholds and various logging metrics
  • Get insights into MQ Accounting data, including command elapsed and CPU times, message lengths, persistent message counts, and queue depth
  • Examine the differing profiles of work generated by the various callers of MQ services (“connection type”), including elapsed and CPU times

IntelliMagic Vision offers you the out-of-the-box visibility and seamless navigation to manage every component of your z Systems infrastructure under a single solution.

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