Examples of ways value can be derived from MQ Accounting data by analyzing views broken out by MQ queue name.


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Video Transcript

So we talked about that the accounting data has queue level data. So let’s go ahead and start there. This is a view of command rates by queue name so it shows in this environment that a great percentage of the MQ commands are operating on these two kinds of standardly named queues. The distribution of the MQ commands is identified here as well. The cluster transmission queue consists of opens, closes, and puts, and the channel status queue primarily has gets and puts that are relatively even in number.

MQ CPU usage is also available in the accounting data, and it’s also in this environment concentrated in those two queues. In other environments, I’ve seen CPU and MQ command activity more widely distributed across many queues. So in addition to queue name, as we talked about a common way to view the MQ activity is by the type of caller or the connection type. Here we see that the CPU consumed for that particular queue comes almost entirely from CICS and IMS. And we’ll come back later and look at some other queue-level data.

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