Automated assessments of key MQ Log Manager metrics facilitate proactive analysis and prevention of outages by identifying areas that may warrant investigation.


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Video Transcript

Automated assessments of log-related metrics for this environment, identify several exceptions. One exception for this queue manager is log writes waiting for available buffer. So viewing the time charts we see this is occurring primarily in the early morning hours. So let’s go ahead and compare this to the volume of log data that’s being written. We do that. Again, we see a high correlation in these early morning hours when there’s a real high volume of log data being written. That’s when we’re also seeing the weights for available buffer and the comment box from the earlier mouseover suggested investigating disk performance for the log files might be a factor here. Anyway, let’s go ahead and add this to the dashboard.

Another exception identified here is the number of checkpoints that are being issued. One reason for that can be that the log files are too small and they’re switching very often. All right, let’s look at the number of checkpoints, and let’s look at a time of day profile over the past month. And in this particular view, the green line is the average and the green bars are the 10th and 90th percentile. So you throw out the three highest and three lowest days, and then the yellow bars represent the absolute min and max.  And so, you can see here that a hundred checkpoints per 15-minute interval is very common across that time period. So queue managers that have been in production for many years are often still using the old allocation recommendations, which were originally appropriate for test systems. And then as of MQ version nine, the checkpoint count includes those from log switching, as well as hitting log load. So sites with high checkpoint frequencies may once again, revisit their log files.

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