MQ Performance Management and Tuning

IBM’s MQ is a widely used enterprise messaging solution, enabling independent and potentially non-concurrent applications to securely communicate with each other across platforms.

IntelliMagic Vision for z/OS provides the kind of automated intelligence needed to effectively manage today’s far-reaching MQ environments. With this solution you’ll be able to:

  • Automatically assess 30+ metrics across all MQ subsystems and buffer pools to identify areas that may represent potential risks to availability
  • Take advantage of insightful reporting that provides easy visibility to facilitate effective analysis and derive insights from the MQ SMF 115 data
  • Leverage dynamic, context-sensitive drilldowns to rapidly focus your analysis on specific areas of interest


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Interpreting IBM MQ Performance Statistics

Interactive data navigation, historical reporting and comparisons, and a comprehensive set of MQ reports.

Troubleshoot to find IT failures immediately—before they become big problems.


Optimize MQ and Application Performance

MQ administrators often indicate they face significant challenges leveraging the data contained in the MQ SMF 115 records. As a result, they currently have limited visibility into the health and activity of their MQ subsystems.

MQ performance is highly dependent upon data residing in buffer pools. The IntelliMagic Vision dashboard automatically assesses and rates key metrics for the MQ Buffer Manager and can be a key enabler of proactive management of this critical aspect of the MQ configuration.

IntelliMagic Vision applies built-in z/OS-specific subject matter expertise to check the most important MQ metrics to automatically check your MQ environment. It identifies areas that may represent risks to availability or performance that may warrant further investigation.

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Key Features

Consolidated Health Viewpoint

Visualize the health and performance of your entire environment through high-level dashboards, with drilldowns into hundreds of rated reports and metrics

Interactive Data Navigation

Accelerate performance analysis through GUI-based, intuitive, context-sensitive drilldowns

Global Filtering

Streamline navigation and problem resolution by filtering reports and variables based on dozens of criteria and applying changes globally to all reporting

Historical Reporting and Analysis

Get historical context of workloads and metrics by comparing dashboards with any previous time interval; easily display monthly trends

Customizable Reports

Easily customize charts, combine variables to analyze correlations, code-free to quickly access and visualize relevant data for your needs

Flexible Report Sharing & Exporting

Easily and safely share reports with colleagues and management to highlight issues, accelerate resolutions, or export reports or data

Automated Report Analysis

Setup fully automated processing and reporting so that a chosen set of daily reports can automatically be emailed or placed on a shared location

Health at a Glance

Ratings based on criteria including hardware specifications and best practices (e.g., from IBM Redbooks) reflect upcoming risks and current performance exceptions

Root Cause Analysis

Numeric ratings indicate risk severity and include explanations and recommendations to quickly identify and resolve root cause

Additional z/OS Environments Supported

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Flexible Deployment and Monitoring

On Premise

Install the software on premise and use it offline

In the Cloud

The Cloud based deployment can be accessed from everywhere in the world and is easy to share with colleagues,

Add On Services

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