Dec 07, 2016

IntelliMagic, the developers of intelligent IT Operations Analytics solutions like IntelliMagic Vision for z/OS, is pleased to announce a formal alliance with Watson & Walker, publisher of the widely-read Cheryl Watson’s Tuning Newsletter, and one of the best-known and respected z/OS performance and measurement advisory groups in the world.

“We are delighted to be working together with Cheryl Watson, Frank Kyne and the rest of the Watson & Walker team,” said Dr. Gilbert Houtekamer, Founder and Managing Director of IntelliMagic, “Their reputation, integrity, performance and tuning insight are all first-class, and we have already been implementing new functionality in IntelliMagic Vision based on their feedback.”

Cheryl Watson has been a fan of Dr. Gilbert Houtekamer, co-founder of IntelliMagic, for years and is delighted to have this chance to work closely with him and his team. “We wouldn’t go anywhere without IntelliMagic Vision,” said Watson. “Their interpretation and multi-dimensional view of RMF and SMF data makes it so much easier and quicker for us to focus in on what is important in the data.”

IntelliMagic Vision for z/OS analyzes SMF and RMF data to detect issues before they impact production. Its advantage over other ITOA solutions is that it contains embedded expert knowledge about how workloads, z/OS logical concepts, and physical hardware interact. This intelligence helps protect the performance and availability of the z/OS environment.

System and workload behavior is rated based on actual measured values compared to known healthy levels, and visualized in interactive dashboards and charts. Intelligent drill-down paths enable fast root cause analysis. The product also identifies opportunities for cost reduction, for example by showing inefficiencies that drive up mainframe software Monthly License Charge (MLC) costs.

The relationship brings value to customers through the collaboration around the IntelliMagic Vision solution and by providing IntelliMagic customers access to Watson & Walker solutions and services.

“IntelliMagic Vision is now a vital part of our toolkit when creating presentations, classes, our Tuning Letters, or customer reports. The SaaS version of IntelliMagic Vision is also the easiest way for Watson & Walker expert consultants to analyze your site and advise your team,” stated Cheryl Watson.

To learn more about this partnership visit: Watson & Walker and IntelliMagic

About IntelliMagic

IntelliMagic software outsmarts service disruptions and eliminates infrastructure inefficiencies using the power of embedded expert knowledge. It has a built-in fundamental understanding of how workloads, logical concepts and physical hardware interact. By embedding human expertise about the specific systems into the software, the predictive potential of the data is unlocked.

Some of the world’s largest corporations rely daily on IntelliMagic to proactively detect risks before issues impact production, and to find the true root causes that endanger the availability of their enterprise systems and storage. Furthermore, these companies are also able to maintain more efficient configurations with lower cost and better performance. Ultimately, IntelliMagic gives IT staff what they need to deliver a new level of application service reliability at optimal cost.

About Watson & Walker

Watson & Walker provide vendor-independent analysis, assistance, and training for Mainframe clients using the IBM z/OS operating system. They are well known for their industry leading quarterly “Cheryl Watson’s Tuning Letter,” a z/OS newsletter named after co-founder Cheryl Watson, published since 1991. The Watson & Walker brand is synonymous with technical expertise, integrity, and a passion to exceed their customer’s expectations. Visit Watson & Walker:

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