Oct 12, 2017

IntelliMagic, innovator in intelligent IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) software, announced support for IBM z14 architecture for IntelliMagic Vision for z/OS. IntelliMagic Vision is an ITOA performance and capacity management software that utilizes Artificial Intelligence techniques to expose the inner workings of the IT infrastructure to prevent performance incidents that may impact application availability.

In this new release, besides other enhancements, IntelliMagic added support for the new IBM z14 Architecture. New reports are available to provide the z14 RNI and z14 cache analysis. IntelliMagic Vision version 8.12 is compatible with SMF and RMF data collected on all IBM supported z/OS levels.

“The new z14 mainframe from IBM contains significant performance and security capabilities that need to be measured and monitored to ensure efficient operation. IntelliMagic Vision for z/OS understands the characteristics of the end-to-end infrastructure and continuously assesses and rates availability characteristics from a performance and efficiency perspective”, says Dr. Gilbert Houtekamer, founder of IntelliMagic. “This includes whether or not the z14 processor cache is being efficiently utilized which is required to obtain the rated MIPS from the processor. Continuously monitoring and assessing the crypto card performance is also essential for safely implementing pervasive encryption.”

In conjunction with their z14 announcement, IBM also announced that z/OS mainframe clients could triple the capacity of their development environment with no increase in MLC. This makes it more feasible for organizations to implement robust testing for new applications.

IntelliMagic Vision provides performance, configuration, and capacity support for all legacy and emerging z/OS modules including:

Processor cache efficiency is very important on the z14 as it was on the z13. IntelliMagic’s webinar, “Achieving CPU (&MLC) Savings on z13 and z14 by Optimizing Processor Cache” discusses and demonstrates the important role it plays.

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