6 February 2023

For performance analysts and capacity planners of large enterprise environments, collaboration between the various infrastructure teams is essential. Designed with this in mind, IntelliMagic Vision makes it easy to share information between teams to facilitate faster issue resolution and cross-functional training. With the latest release, IntelliMagic Vision version 12.0 further expands the option for information sharing by introducing shareable Dashboard Templates.

For several years, IntelliMagic Vision has provided the option for each user to create and customize their own unique dashboards. Each dashboard is a collection of reports and charts related to a users’ IT environment and used to group commonly accessed reports for focused. This includes both predefined reports, possibly customized by the user, as well as reports and charts created by the user from scratch.

Example of an IntelliMagic Vision dashboard containing several individual reports

Example of an IntelliMagic Vision dashboard containing several individual reports.

In 2020, IntelliMagic launched the option of Dashboard Sharing, making it possible to share dashboards with other IntelliMagic Vision users with access to the same IntelliMagic Vision database. This option immediately became very popular in the user community of IntelliMagic Vision. However, users also began asking for a way to transfer a dashboard definition from one environment to another, for instance from a test system to the production system.

By introducing shareable Dashboard Templates, a platform is created for exchanging technical knowledge on the various z/OS components within the IntelliMagic Vision expert user community. For example, all CICS performance experts in the banking, retail and insurance industries can learn from each other by sharing Dashboard Templates.

IntelliMagic Vision customers who take advantage of IntelliMagic’s expert consultants for daily monitoring, health checks, and other standalone services will benefit from the ability to easily import dashboards used by our consultants and continue using them well after a service engagement or consultation ends. Customer sites that have multiple on-premises Web Reporters will also find much use out of this latest feature.

With the launch and release of shareable Dashboard Templates, IntelliMagic hopes to continue closing the knowledge gap of z/OS performance analysts and make it possible to quickly share best practice information from worldwide experts in the field.

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Learn more about IntelliMagic Vision for z/OS

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