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Every department in every industry has the same problem: how can I stretch my budget to get the necessary work done, make my team more effective, reduce costs, and stay ahead of the curve? This is equally true for performance and capacity planning teams. In many cases, it’s difficult to get budget approval to purchase the right software solution to help accomplish these goals. Management wants to stay under budget while IT is concerned with getting a solution that solves their problems. When trying to get approval for the right solution, it’s important to be able to show how you will get a good return on investment.

Saving Money by Spending Money

With IntelliMagic solutions, reducing costs goes hand in hand with making your job easier. Some of the most common examples of cost savings our customers experience are:

  • For mainframe sites, IntelliMagic’s visibility into key areas driving MLC software costs identify reduction opportunities that can mean a MIPS reduction of 20% or more and millions of dollars of annual savings.
  • Using the 20+ years of expert performance knowledge embedded into our software, IT operations staff prevent issues, move from fighting fires to proactive management, bridge the skills gap, and increase the entire team’s productivity immensely.
  • Our storage sizing services assess the most efficient storage configuration that will provide the required service levels and determine which options are necessary to support the business needs. Understanding exactly what is going on inside the storage infrastructure and how various options will perform enables our customers to take informed decisions without having to rely solely on the storage vendor that is selling them the new configuration.

Risking a Service Disruption Can be Costlier than the Solution

Measuring the true cost of service downtime can be difficult, but the answer is almost always the same: your company can’t afford it. After considering the direct costs, which can be over hundreds of thousands of dollars per incident, the indirect costs of customer satisfaction, reputation, and morale seem too surmounting to risk. Luckily, IntelliMagic Vision enables users to prevent service disruptions before they ever occur.

Consider Software as a Service (SaaS) (or Cloud Delivery) as a Low Risk Option

Even when the benefits are glaringly obvious it can still be difficult to put pen to paper. And for that, IntelliMagic has been successfully offering SaaS since 2013. Our SaaS option is the quickest and lowest risk option to obtain the benefits of IntelliMagic software on a month-to-month basis. Using SaaS means you aren’t forced into making a long-term decision or capital expense, and you can reap and evaluate the benefits immediately.

IntelliMagic makes it possible to prevent service outages, quickly find root cause, amplify IT staff, and reduce costs. If you are interested in our solution but fear that you will be faced with a tough approval process, rest assured that our experts can equip you with adequate information to show you and your management chain why this is the right solution for your IT operations.

If you would like to see more specifics, contact us, and our experts will work with you to show you what IntelliMagic Vision can do for your company.

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