See how how to quickly identify the limited number of timing buckets relevant for a given CICS transaction (in this case 4 of 100).


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Video Transcript

All right. So now let’s explore these timing buckets again in some live data. So this is a view starting from a view of top transactions by transaction volume. And then we take the top one there and look at it by those kinds of top-level categories of response time. We can see for this transaction, the primary contributors to response time are actual CPU time and the I/O wait time.

And then if we look at those buckets in the I/O wait time, we can see there’s two primary contributors, Wait for control End of MRO and Wait for RLS file I/O for this particular transaction.

All right, look at another transaction here. And so when we do this one over the time interval, we see that there’s much more variability. The high value is more than twice as high as the low response time value. And so that might raise the question, well, is there a correlation with the transaction rate? So again, it can be handy to put that on the same chart on a different axis. So in this case, when we do that, we see that there isn’t a correlation between those two.

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