IntelliMagic Vision’s easy to use and customizable user interface

IntelliMagic Vision’s Web Reporter allows the performance and capacity planning analyst to do his job from anywhere. All he needs is a smartphone or other mobile device and an internet connection. Every user can customize his or her personal dashboard, depending on what reports and charts are most important. The analytical functionality of the Web Reporter includes:

  • Adding specific reports to the selection of Favorites. This makes it possible to quickly check on the metrics that are most relevant.
  • A global filter can be set to limit the analysis to a specific area or system.
  • The reporting time interval can be changed from weeks to days or even hours, depending on what data is available.
  • It is easy to make comparisons through time, for example month-ends.
  • The level of aggregation can be customized, from showing several systems to for example just the whole sysplex.
  • Graphs can be minimized to showing just widgets, to get more space for the graphs you want to zoom into.
  • By dragging and dropping reports a collection can be created to support a study. The order of the reports in collection can be adjusted as well.
  • It is easy to share reports by sharing an URL to the report. Also, a collection of reports or several favorites can be shared, for example by email.
  • Reports can be downloaded as PDF, HTML, PowerPoint, CSV, or in Splunk format.

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IntelliMagic Vision Web Reporter Usage Tips

Discover how to customize your personal dashboard, save, export, and share reports with your peers, quickly navigate the reporter, and use the compare dates tool to easily identify workload differences.

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