Identify and Remediate Unencrypted Traffic

IBM’s zERT (z/OS Encryption Readiness Technology) positions the TCP/IP as the focal point for collecting and reporting on cryptographically protected (and unprotected) traffic.

IntelliMagic Vision allows network security administrators to take advantage of an intuitive, GUI-based web reporter to easily navigate, report on, and analyze data reported on TCP/IP and zERT SMF 119 records.

zERT Resources


z/OS TCP/IP Encryption Compliance Analysis

Security policies and standards such as FIPS-140-2 require data transmissions to be encrypted with specific standards. Ensuring and proving encryption compliance on mainframes is of course, as important as it is for other platforms.


zERT: Breakthrough in Visibility for Managing Encryption of Network Traffic

This article, originally published in Cheryl Watson’s Tuning Letter 2019 No. 4, provides a great introduction to zERT and ways to increase the benefit you can derive from this data.


Mainframe Security’s Latest Tool for Ensuring Encryption Standards are Met

zERT data can enable the mainframe security team to both evaluate ongoing adherence to security policies and programmatically provide data for required reporting to auditors and compliance officers.

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More zERT Resources

Key Features

Intuitive, Web-Based Interface

See the encryption status of all your network traffic at a glance, without the need for custom coding or report building

Traffic Class Classification

Apply your distinct enterprise encryption standards to all your network traffic classes separately (by IP address range)

Encryption Details in Readable Text

Display the encryption details for each zERT-recognized protocol in a readable (and interactive) text

Extensive, Built-In Drilldowns

Quickly identify client and server IP addresses for each connection, along with other details including job, userid and port number

Easy Report Sharing

Easily and securely share reports with colleagues and management to highlight issues, accelerate resolutions, or export reports or data

Automated Report Analysis

Setup fully automated processing and reporting so that a chosen set of daily reports can automatically be emailed or placed on a shared location

Intelligent Analysis

IBM’s TCP/IP zERT Feature

TCP/IP’s zERT feature provides a single source to determine which traffic is cryptographically protected by protocols like TLS, SSH, and IPSec, and which is not protected.

For traffic with recognized cryptographic protection, you can determine which cryptographic protocol is used, which cryptographic algorithms are used, the length of the cryptographic keys, and other important attributes of the cryptographic protection. This information is valuable for determining regulatory compliance and for identifying connections that might need stronger cryptographic protection.

zERT data is produced by zERT Summary (SMF 119 subtype 12) records, which are written on a per-security-session basis at the end of each SMF interval to summarize the repeated use of security sessions during the interval.

Understand and Evaluate Cryptographic Protocols

IntelliMagic Vision for z/OS TCP/IP and zERT automatically analyzes zERT Summary records and provides additional, enhanced analysis, including:

  • Categorizing “traffic classes” based on IP address ranges
  • Defining traffic classes by:
    • Sysplex – between z/OS sysplexes (“intra” or “inter”)
    • Local – to other platforms within the data center
    • Partner – external traffic with “special” partners
    • Public – all other external traffic
  • A free-form “IP Label” can also be assigned to further describe IP ranges
  • Translates all of the more than 600 raw codes from zERT records into readable text for cipher suite, encryption algorithms, and message authentication types.

Example Reports

TLS Specific Protocol Information


Average CP Core Usage for Crypto Functions, and Connections for all TCP zERT Summary Data by Sysplex ID

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