Typical processes for assessing and examining the health of your Db2 environment includes manually exporting data, generating static reports, and eyeballing massive amounts of data. This is largely an inefficient way to manage an important part of your z/OS environment.

This video introduces the Db2 ratings and dashboards provided by IntelliMagic Vision for Db2 that leverage the SMF 100 Db2 Statistics records to automatically check the elements of your Db2 infrastructure to identify potential risks to availability before they generate outages.

Metrics rated in the Buffer Pool Health and Lock and Latch dashboards are examined in more detail, including examples of the visibility provided by context-sensitive drilldowns into that data.

These elements are automatically analyzed, correlated, normalized, rated, and populated in interactive, GUI-based dashboards to alert you to potential risks and the overall health of your Db2 environment. And for areas that may require your attention, intuitive drilldowns and features enable effective analysis.

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