Today, IntelliMagic announced that it extended its mainframe performance and capacity management solution, IntelliMagic Vision, with detailed CICS and Db2 support.

IntelliMagic Vision is used by large mainframe sites around the world to automatically analyze the huge volume of system measurement data (SMF and RMF) produced from the mainframe platform, turning raw metrics into actionable analytics. It proactively identifies availability risks and performance issues in the z/OS systems infrastructure, including components like Coupling Facility, Disk, Tape, Network, and MQ.

From now on IntelliMagic Vision also supports the detailed CICS transaction measurements and Db2 statistics and accounting data. CICS and Db2 are essential parts of the z/OS infrastructure and are among the biggest consumers of system memory. Using the analytics that IntelliMagic Vision provides to analyze and tune their behavior will significantly benefit performance and cost levels.

Additional Db2 and CICS Transaction Performance Management

This new support expands the Db2 and CICS reporting that was already available in IntelliMagic Vision. “The existing WLM-based reporting provides key high-level transaction metrics for capacity planning and performance monitoring, but many sites desire more visibility into the native CICS and Db2 transaction log records,” says IntelliMagic founder and CEO, Dr. Gilbert Houtekamer. “We worked closely together with some of our customers to meet their business requirements in this area and are pleased to announce the general availability of this new support.”

Dynamic Reporting Options to Improve Db2 and CICS Performance

The new capabilities allow users to proactively identify upcoming risks to CICS and Db2 health. It provides the option to profile CICS transactions and see the components of transaction response time. For Db2, IntelliMagic Vision processes the statistics data to assess the health of the Db2 subsystems, the local buffer pools and the group buffer pools. The unique combination of data set and Db2 information provides detailed insight into buffer pool performance and identifies valuable tuning opportunities.

“In IntelliMagic Vision it is extremely easy to interact with the data. By filtering, comparing and drilling down you can quickly pursue various lines of analysis to resolve issues. You can drill down into the components of CICS and Db2 transaction response time, and very easily compare today’s transaction profile to yesterday’s or to last week’s. These dynamic reporting capabilities are just what our customers need, and we are excited to make IntelliMagic Vision’s powerful visibility available for these additional rich categories of metrics,” says Dr. Houtekamer.

To learn more about this topic, you can visit or or view the recording of IntelliMagic’s webinar CICS & Db2 Performance Analytics Based on SMF Data.

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