Add Predictive & Prescriptive Value to Your CICS & Db2 Monitoring Process

Db2 for z/OS, and CICS that often drives much of the Db2 usage, generate some of the most voluminous infrastructure operations data on the z/OS platform. The data is so massive and complex that it is difficult to understand and discover what problems are occurring or likely to occur, why, and what has changed.

Smart machines are far better than humans at tasks such as checking reams of data for certain conditions and preparing interactive visibility for the human analysts. For example, properly-designed algorithms can automatically monitor and rate the severity of some of the most important IBM Redbook best practices for Db2 and CICS.

While not replacing your real-time monitors, this kind of automated evaluation and rating of the SMF data for important conditions adds an important new kind of monitoring of the infrastructure operation that is proving very practical and valuable for the human analysts.

And instead of being overwhelmed by the massive volume of data and static reports, see how IntelliMagic Vision leverages context-sensitive drilldowns to dynamically navigate through the data, raising the effectiveness of your analysis to an entirely new level.

This webinar will cover the transformative power of these new capabilities for Db2 and CICS, showing benefits such as:

  • Automatic exception reports
  • Eliminating the need for manual graph creation
  • Context-sensitive drilldowns to dynamically navigate through massive amount of data
  • Quick/easy way to see trends, peaks, and Buffer Pool usage
  • Highlights to improperly sized Buffer Pools
  • Global Filtering to subset the data
  • Comparison for days/weeks/months
  • Combine data from multiple Data Sharing Groups in a single graph


Register for the webinar here.



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