IntelliMagic Vision for z/OS

IntelliMagic Vision for z/OS

Protect the availability of your z/OS Disk, z/OS Virtual Tape, and z/OS Processors and Systems Infrastructure with IntelliMagic's intelligent IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) solution for z/OS environments. 


Ensure z/OS Performance

z/OS offers a very rich set of infrastructure measurement data with SMF and RMF. Unfortunately, the value of this data often remains untapped, because it needs deep interpretation to use it to its full potential. IntelliMagic Vision has this built-in intelligence to turn this data into a protective system. It automatically identifies issues in the making before they impact production. By revealing risks and hidden bottlenecks, IntelliMagic Vision reduces availability incidents and prevents performance degradation. This way, IntelliMagic Vision protects the health of your z/OS Disk, Tape and Systems infrastructure and ensures a higher availability for your applications.

Reduce Mainframe Software Costs

Leverage this new intelligence about your z/OS systems and processor infrastructure to significantly reduce your annual mainframe software bill. For example, the newer IBM mainframes, such as the z13, are more sensitive to processor cache utilization. IntelliMagic customers have used this intelligence to reduce Monthly License Charges (MLC) by millions of Dollars per year, while better positioning the infrastructure to handle application performance requirements. Explore more about MLC reduction.

Black Box

Often storage and infrastructure is seen as a 'black box', but IntelliMagic Vision makes it possible to look inside. Internal bottlenecks and imbalances are simply not visible just by looking at raw measurement data. IntelliMagic Vision contains models of the internals of the enterprise storage systems and deep knowledge about z/OS architectures. This enables the software to intelligently interpret whether measurements indicate hidden issues that are otherwise impossible to see. 

Early Warning

IntelliMagic Vision knows whether a certain value indicates a problem and rates the metrics accordingly. These ratings are summarized in a color-coded dashboard that shows risks and issues as red and yellow warnings. Also, hidden imbalances or mistakes in the configuration, such as ports that are not connected, are immediately obvious. By detecting these risks before they turn into availability incidents, time can be spent on strategic infrastructure management instead of on fighting fires. 

Root Cause Analysis

When issues do occur, IntelliMagic Vision makes it easy to find the root cause quickly and without having to depend on the vendor. Drilling down on dashboards and charts reveals underlying root causes and related issues, such that you can resolve problems quickly and independently.


IntelliMagic Vision is available for z/OS mainframe environments with specific support for Disk, Tape and z/OS Systems. Besides the z/OS mainframe version, IntelliMagic Vision is also available to manage SAN environments. 

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