Jack Opgenorth of IntelliMagic

Jack works for IntelliMagic as a Senior Technical Consultant. He has enjoyed working for a variety of organizations and has been involved in IT Infrastructure optimization for over 27 years. Jack has been involved with high transaction environments as a technical lead for enterprise technology delivery organizations in travel and transportation, retail, and government sectors. Much of that time was devoted to supporting mainframe technologies. He has authored a number of IBM requirements that were helpful for performance and capacity management practitioners.

Having worked for organizations that have transformed technology platforms and delivery models, he has some interesting stories and perspectives that enable collaborative consulting across marketing, operations, engineering, architecture, development, and delivery teams to effectively manage business risk, application performance, and IT costs.

He is a life-long learner that has continued learning from participation in organizations and conferences in a variety of disciplines and has earned an MBA from the University of Denver, BSChE from the University of Michigan, and a BSLE from Calvin College.

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Health Check for Your z/OS Systems Should Include Coupling Facility Activity

A suitable ongoing ‘health check’ for Coupling Facility activity provides a proactive stance and positioning to address the cost and complexity of your major mainframe applications.

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