IntelliMagic, innovator in intelligent IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) software, today expanded its world-class performance and availability solution, IntelliMagic Vision for z/OS, to support near real-time processing and loading of SMF and RMF data. With IntelliMagic Vision for z/OS, companies have end-to-end z/OS infrastructure visibility to prevent service disruptions, accelerate root cause identification, and identify hidden cost-drivers.

Availability-dependent business requires proactive visibility into infrastructure systems and workloads

As z/OS performance and capacity teams navigate through mountains of data from ever-increasing data sources and new technology, the risks for application downtime and the costs associated with them are more present than ever before. Having access to near real-time data, and even better, proactive, predictive, and preventative data is critical to ensure continuous availability.

IntelliMagic’s unique approach based on continuous automated assessment of the health of your z/OS application infrastructure is designed to provide proactive identification of issues before those issues impact production environments. Unfortunately, sometimes issues are not predictable and require reactive analysis. For these cases, IntelliMagic has improved support for Near Real-Time loads.

“IntelliMagic Vision has supported Near Real-Time processing of SMF and RMF data for a number of years,” says IntelliMagic’s Managing Director for the Americas region, Brent Phillips. “However, for some customers, the time within the hour is different for different records types. IntelliMagic Vision version 8.14.2 includes changes that allow processing of SMF data regardless of the time that the data is cut. Having access to Near Real-Time data helps customers accelerate root cause resolution for problems whether they are identified early with IntelliMagic’s AI-driven, predictive capabilities, or only after the situation is already a production issue.”

“Enterprise computing systems and storage operations teams have a difficult job in managing the IT infrastructure so that application availability is always efficiently maintained,” says Brent Phillips. “It is virtually impossible to proactively see problems developing due to the complexity and quantity of the data using status quo RMF and SMF reporting tools.”

By embedding infrastructure-specific expert knowledge into the ITOA software, the infrastructure is continuously scanned and evaluated and rated for most of the issues that are likely to cause service disruptions for the application workloads. And when potential issues are identified, the software can anticipate what the human analyst will want to see so that intelligent navigation through the interrelated data can be easily identified.

Access new record types and technologies as they emerge

In addition to Near Real-Time reporting, IntelliMagic Vision for z/OS 8.14.2 offers enhanced report sets and customizations related to newly released technologies and features.

  • With z/OS 2.3 IBM redesigned the reporting on real storage, and also provided many new counters for 2 Gbyte frames. These changes are reflected in new and redesigned report sets in the “Real Storage” and “Paging and Page Movement” Focal points.
  • IntelliMagic Vision version 8.14.2 recognizes Db2 data bases, Db2 and MQ log files, Db2 and MQ BSDS data sets and MQ Page Set data sets based on the IBM data set naming conventions for these data sets. New report sets for these data sets are provided in the “Applications” and “TCP/IP MQ” viewpoints.
  • The new z14 processor supports efficient data set compression and encryption, as well as encryption for coupling facility structures. IntelliMagic Vision now reports the Coupling Facility Encryption and Asynchronous Replication Status in the Coupling Facility configuration reports.
  • Both the “Data Sets” and the “Summarized Data Sets” Focal Points provide report sets for encryption and compression, exploiting the data from SMF 42 records. The reports are designed to help you track the progress with encryption and compression implementations.

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