Ensure Sufficient Capacity & Consistent Performance for IBM zEDC

IntelliMagic Vision for z/OS Systems provides the visibility you need to effectively manage zEDC. With this solution, you’ll be able to:

  • Ensure sufficient capacity and consistent performance
  • Access flexible drilldowns to see data at various levels
  • Visualize a comprehensive set of reports to effectively manage performance

Monitor zEDC & Z Systems Performance

Interactive data navigation, historical reporting and comparisons, and a comprehensive set of zEDC reports.

Troubleshoot to find IT failures immediately—before they become big problems.


Monitor zEDC Usage & Optimize Performance

One challenge many mainframe sites experience with their legacy SMF reporting is keeping up with emerging technologies. IBM’s z Enterprise Data Compression (zEDC) is one of those emerging technologies that represent a new component in your infrastructure that must be properly managed.

zEDC hardware compression has numerous benefits:

  • Relatively straightforward and inexpensive to implement
  • Can be leveraged by numerous widely used access methods and products
  • Reduces disk storage requirements and I/O elapsed times
  • Minimal CPU cost since almost all the processing is offloaded to the hardware.

However, without proper visibility and management, these benefits can largely be lost. In addition to card utilizations, IntelliMagic Vision provides a comprehensive set of reports including compression ratios, service and queue times, and request rates and throughput. And using the highly flexible drill-down capabilities of IntelliMagic Vision, this data can be viewed at the processor, system, card, or address space level.

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Key Features

Consolidated Health Viewpoint

Visualize the health and performance of your entire environment through high-level dashboards, with drilldowns into hundreds of rated reports and metrics

Interactive Data Navigation

Accelerate performance analysis through GUI-based, intuitive, context-sensitive drilldowns

Global Filtering

Streamline navigation and problem resolution by filtering reports and variables based on dozens of criteria and applying changes globally to all reporting

Historical Reporting and Analysis

Get historical context of workloads and metrics by comparing dashboards with any previous time interval; easily display monthly trends

Customizable Reports

Easily customize charts, combine variables to analyze correlations, code-free to quickly access and visualize relevant data for your needs

Flexible Report Sharing & Exporting

Easily and safely share reports with colleagues and management to highlight issues, accelerate resolutions, or export reports or data

Automated Report Analysis

Setup fully automated processing and reporting so that a chosen set of daily reports can automatically be emailed or placed on a shared location

Health at a Glance

Ratings based on criteria including hardware specifications and best practices (e.g., from IBM Redbooks) reflect upcoming risks and current performance exceptions

Root Cause Analysis

Numeric ratings indicate risk severity and include explanations and recommendations to quickly identify and resolve root cause

Additional z/OS Environments Supported

Systems, Processors, and Network

Continual visibility into how the z/OS systems infrastructure is handling your workloads helps you improve performance and protect availability.
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Disk and Replication

Early warning system that automatically identifies I/O issues in the making in your disk storage system and replication architecture.
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Virtual Tape

Performance and availability management for Virtual and Physical Tape, with specific support for IBM TS7700 and Oracle VSM tape solutions.
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Flexible Deployment and Monitoring

On Premise

Install the software on premise and use it offline

In the Cloud

The Cloud based deployment can be accessed from everywhere in the world and is easy to share with colleagues,

Add On Services

Get help with the deployment and the management of the software